We are so so SO excited to welcome you back into BOTH our cafes! We've waited a long time for this. What's that saying? 'Good things come to those who wait?' Well we've waited. You've waited! And finally we are back!

We're still the same ol' Alfa you know and love but we're going to look different for a little bit. We're hoping we can come together to make these changes a success - let's not ruin a good thing hey?

The *most* important thing to us is your safety - and ours. Our staff have been and will continue to take care of themselves so we can take care of you. We ask with a pretty please and a cherry on top that you do the same.

You'll see some new signage around the place and a bunch of queuing signals. We'll also be asking for you name & number - this is very important so we can text you after our date. We're very selfish people so we will not be sharing the info with anyone.

We're only seating 20 people at a time, with no more than six people at any one table. These numbers include your cute lil babies.

Take-away still available but we will be stopping our home delivery service.


Alfa Seddon.                                                                           Alfa Yarraville.

Monday - Friday 6am - 3pm.                                                  Monday - Saturday - 6am - 4pm.  Saturday & Sunday - 7am - 3pm.                                           Sunday - 7am - 4pm.

Kitchen                                                                                    Kitchen

Monday - Sunday - 7am - 3pm.                                              Monday - Sunday 7am - 3pm.


All jokes aside, we're following the guidelines we have to as set by the Victorian Government so we can re-open in a safe way. The most important aspect is to stop the spread. If you're feeling unwell please stay home. Please abide by the new rules. Please be respectful to those around you.

Help us help you.

See you soon!

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42 Anderson St
Yarraville 3013

97 Victoria St
Seddon 3013